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When I’m shooting a session, it’s more than just taking pictures for me. It’s about the entire experience of getting to know my clients, to gain a sense of how they interact with one another, how they laugh together, and how they love one another.  It’s about holding your brand new baby in my arms, getting to smell the newness of their skin and listen to their sweet, little sounds.  It’s about the experience of connections.   I want my clients to know that I treasure every single one of these moments and in exchange, I take pride in providing the absolute best in the photo products that I offer.

Providing high-end products to my clients ensures that their memories of these connections will be protected for years to come.  I want you to be able to display them in your home, not just for everyone to see but more importantly, for you to see.  I want them to be beautiful.

All too often our digital images end up buried within old hard drives, residing only on dated/damaged media, or they are lost amongst the massive amounts of daily images we all store in the cloud.  How often are you going back in time to look at all of them? If you’re anything like me, it’s not all that frequently.  The only photos I had on my walls before becoming a photographer myself, were the photos from professionals who’s images I had professionally printed.  I get to see and remember these moments that mean so much to me every single day and it reminds me of the happiest and most fleeting moments  of my life. Every. Single. Day.

This is why I include photo products in each and every one of my  photo packages.  All of my digital packages include prints as well, even my à la carte items.

I offer a variety of high end photo products that I am so proud to provide to my clients. These products will be featured in my upcoming product guide for 2018 (along with some new additions), but psssst… I  have a favorite amongst them and it seems like I’m not alone. 🙂  I’m so excited to share that my top selling products from 2017 are my handmade, luxury heirloom wooden boxes!  These boxes are made out of birch wood and finished in a beautiful whitewashed color.  This is my absolute favorite product offering and I get so excited to deliver them to my clients.  My  number one selling product is my Luxury Heirloom Mat Collection.  This collection features 30 of your favorite images, professionally printed at 5″x7″ and matted to 8″x10″. Your matted prints will stand the test of time and will be hand delivered in this rustic handmade, wooden luxury heirloom mat box with a matching USB drive, housed within. Your USB will arrive preloaded with your entire digital gallery. 

Matted prints are a fantastic alternative to albums which allow you to showcase your images throughout your home.  They come “ready to frame” and can be switched out at any time to keep your walls fresh or they can be mounted on a easel or ledge shelf as is.  The rest of your photos can then be stored away safely inside your wooden box.


My second best selling product is my handmade, wooden Luxury Heirloom Photo Boxes, which are also made out of birch wood and finished in a beautiful whitewashed color.  Each box holds your complimentary set of 4″x6″ professionally printed photos, included with your purchase of any digital package with 15 photos or more.  These boxes also feature a space to house your matching USB which will arrive preloaded with your selected digital images. This box is a beautiful way to archive your photos while they are not on display.   This piece is the perfect size to add to your shelf decor as well!


When you look around your home and see your photo products displayed throughout, I want you to feel like it represents your family, your togetherness and your experiences.





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