Easter // Child Photographer – North Reading, MA

A lot of portrait photographers start off as moms who just want to document their own children as they grow.  These people are often lovingly referred to as “momtographers”.  They purchase (or are gifted) their first DSLR and they fall in love shooting every tiny blink, or sneeze or whatever new little wonder took place that day.  I was one of them. I still am.  However once a passion evolves into a business, your focus shifts.  You don’t even realize it’s happening but suddenly you notice you haven’t documented your own children as much as you used to – as much as you want to.  They are growing and you are missing the skinned knees, the capes flying in the wind, the princess wands and the messy hands.

I decided today to record the details.  The bigger picture is wonderful but sometimes I just want to remember the stained little fingers and the mashed up eggs, even the mess in my house.  I have two little ones and life is chaotic all day, every day.   When I look at the details though I don’t see the chaos.  I see the moments I am going to miss.




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