Normal // Family Photographer -North Reading, MA

It’s a crazy time right now. I’m not going to delve into all of that too much here because I know that we are all feeling similarly. We are all scared, frustrated, being pulled in forty different directions.  Nothing is normal.  Truth be told, not much of my life has felt normal for quite a while; I’m just in some some good company now, I suppose.  🙂

I’ve actually become a bit of an expert in creating a new normal. You see, I am well versed in normal life being flipped upside-down.  I am adept in processing fear and anxiety at unimaginable levels.  Intrusively worrying about the unknowns was a former past-time hobby of mine.  I’ve unknowingly been in training for this for months, even years now and let me tell you, man.. this quarantine stuff is a piece of cake. So yeah, I’m a pro at this “creating a new normal” thing, for myself and my family and I’ve fallen head-over-heals in love with the process.  These pieces of mine have been picked up off of the floor, shined up quite a bit and put back exactly into the places where I want them. They are mine.

Every now and again though, I’ll have a moment where “normal” blends between old and new. In those moments I am quite simply – blissful. Content.  Last Sunday, Easter morning, I had one of those moments – and I was blissful.


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